The Andy Rocking Chair




Dimensions – 24″ x 14” x 23”

Stained Golden Oak Finish




The Andy Rocking Chair – Children’s Ladder Back Rocking Chair

The Andy Rocking Chair is a beautifully crafted solid oak children’s ladder back rocking chair. This piece of furniture is the family heirloom that will be passed from parent to child or grandparent to grandchild for generations. The Andy Rocking Chair can sit in the corner of a living room as a decorative piece holding stuffed animals, or it can sit right next to Grandma or Grandpa’s rocking chair and be used whenever you’ve got company.

The Andy comes in a Golden Oak stained finish and measures 24″ x 14” x 23” and can hold children up to 6 years old. Each chair comes signed by the craftsman who built it.


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